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Connect to IBM Bluemix Cloud ObjectStorage (S3 API) with rclone

Rclone provides a command line interface (cli) that you can use to quickly and easily move data between a large number of different storage systems. One of those is IBM Bluemix Cloud ObjectStorage(COS) using both the S3 API and the Swift API. Below are instructions on how to configure for each system and sync files from Swift to COS.


Installation of Rclone is a simple matter of downloading the latest zip and getting in your $PATH. The Rclone install page has all the details.

Configure rclone to access IBM COS S3 API

Rclone provides a configuration wizard which can be run using the command:

rclone config

Before running the wizard you need your access key id, your secret access key, and the name of the bucket you want to mount. If you don’t have this information, check out these instructions. You will also need to know which COS endpoint you will be using. While the wizard can be useful, an easier way is copy paste. The configuration is stored in the $HOME/.rclone.conf file. Use your favorite text editor to add the following entries being sure to substitute your access key id and secret access key:

type = s3
env_auth = false
access_key_id = <your access key>
secret_access_key = <your secret key>
region = other-v4-signature
endpoint =
location_constraint =
acl = private
server_side_encryption =
storage_class =

The first line above [COS_US_SOUTH] is how you will reference this configuration from the rclone command line (without the []).

Using rclone with COS

The Rclone documentation provide all of the details you need. Here are a few simple examples.